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Topic: Nazi Rebirth
Now I am become Death, shatterer of worlds
posted 11-05-2004 04:59:56 PM
very important poster
a sweet title
posted 11-05-2004 05:17:44 PM
Personally responsible for the decline of the American Dollar
posted 11-06-2004 08:30:10 AM
When the babel fish was in place, it was apparent Snoota said:
We are more Nazi than the American Nazi Party.


~Never underestimate the power of a Dark Clown.
Not Much Fun Anymore
posted 11-06-2004 09:25:35 AM
Now we are going to get a bunch of hitler newbies
"France tried to turtle, but Hitler did a tank rush before they were ready. Just shows how horribly unbalanced real life is. They should release a patch."
Aaron (the good one)
posted 11-07-2004 09:15:47 PM
Hey guys fuck Nazis.

There is no more Flame tag. Let's have this last Flame thread be a petition to get the Flame tag back.

Everyone who wants it back say

Fuck You Delidgamond!

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