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Rules, Policies, and Disclaimers

If you agree to abide by our rules below, please press the Agree button, which will enable you to register on this message board. If you do not agree to these terms, press the Cancel button.

The Rules
Why are there so many rules?

I have to carefully explain each and every aspect of common sense and acceptable behavior because if I miss one single point, people will claim that it was not covered in the rules and therefore they shouldn't be punished for it. If you want a summary of the rules, here it is: DON'T BE A DICKHEAD. That is all. Use common sense, don't be a troll, and keep the forums clean. These are the EverCrest Forum rules. If you don't agree with them, you can leave or refuse to register an account to post. If you break any of these rules, then you will be forced to leave. It's quite simple.

General Conduct
Lurk before posting. You should get a general feel for the community before you come barging into it. We will not change our behavior to suit you, and any insinuation to that effect will probably result in a demonstration of what will change to suit your delicate sensibilities.

Before posting a reply, please ask yourself the following question: "Does my reply offer any advice or contribute positively to the conversation in any fashion?" If you can answer "yes" to this, then please reply. If you cannot, then please don't reply.

Posting Rules
Pretend Poster Posturing: Impersonating another poster is not funny. In fact, it is the total inverse of funny. Gimmick posters and throwaway accounts, unless intensely humorous will be banned and shot in the face if at all possible.

Forum Fuckery: Don't do anything to fuck up the forums or the computers of people using the forums. Don't post links to sites that bombard you with nonstop popups. Don't post links to any stupid webgames where you get points for lassoing in unsuspecting sheep. Intentionally using the wrong thread tag will result in pain. Vote spamming the ratings of any threads (ie, you and your four buddies get together and vote every thread of a certain type a 1 or 5, regardless of the content) will get you thrown out into the streets.

Bitching Babies: If you don't like a thread, simply vote it a "1" and do not reply. Everyone else has just as much right to post whatever they want as you do; that "right" ending where I, the admin, decide it stops. Pointing out how stupid or unfunny you feel a thread (or poster) is will result in pain, unless the thread (or poster) is intensely retarded (take your chances). Comments such as "Looks like you're about to be banned!" will probably backfire in a way you don't wish them to.

Contained Conflict: Flamewars and other shit-flinging contests should be confined a thread with the flame tag, or the Flameball forum.

Moderator Madness: Any form of moderator harassment, insults, doing the opposite of what you were asked to do, reopening a thread that was closed, bitching about a custom title, protesting a ban, abuse of the "Alert Moderator" button, guesses as to the real identities of the moderators, or complaining about what you feel are the shortcomings of the current moderation team, regardless of merit, will result in a ban. If you disagree with something a mod has asked you to do, do it anyway, then bring the matter to Drysart privately.

Harass and Sass: If someone is making you feel uncomfortable on the forums because of direct harassment, take the issue up with them in email or private messages first. If it continues, publically ask them to stop. If it's especially egregious, contact Drysart about it privately. The posting of another's real life contact information is prohibited. The only person you can post contact information on is yourself. The fact that the information that you post of another party is available elsewhere (such as a whois search) will not be accepted as justification. Stay out of people's personal lives unless they want you there. Leave your personal grudges with other forum members at the door before entering the forums. Nobody wants to read two posters constantly bitching at each other like a married couple.

Crazy Catch-All: Anyone attemping to circumvent any rule in a way they obviously feel is remarkably clever and witty will be banned in an appropriately clever and witty way.

Fuck Freedom: This is a privately owned and operated site. You have no first amendment right to post here. Free speech does not apply.

Declarations of Dumbassery: If a user gets blacklisted, and you point it out on the forum, you'll find yourself banned. So don't do it.
Image/File Rules
Keep all disgusting and racist pictures off the forums. Keep any non work safe images (including pornography) in threads marked with the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) tag. No illegal images are allowed anywhere.

Posting unnecessarily large images will result in a warning followed by a ban. Threads where large images are expected (such as screenshot threads) are exempt from this rule.

It's not a good idea to link to images on another website unless you own or control that website. If someone changes the content of an image you linked to on their server, you will be held responsible.

NO WAREZ. NO SERIALS. Don't post looking for warez. Don't post bragging about your warez. Mentioning any warez you might have is acceptable in severe moderation, unless said warez happens to be gaming software or shareware. The same applies to any software intended to harass or spam or flood. Emulators are allowed, including console emulators, and MMOG server emulators. Abandonware is not warez. Something is abandonware only if it can not be purchased (eBay doesn't count).

You are permitted to add a personalized signature to your posts through your profile. Since this signature applies to all of your posts everywhere, it is expected that you keep it appropriate to everywhere you post. Signatures can not exceed 50k in weight (total), must not include more than 3 images, and must not be taller than 100 pixels high (in 1024x768 resolution). Any signature which forces horizontal scroll at 1024x768 fails to comply to these rules. If your signature violates these rules, it may be edited or removed. Restoring your signature to its pre-edited state will result in a ban.
Oh no, I got banned!
If you are banned, you'll see the banned page whenever you try to access the forums. The only way to get rid of the banned page is to delete all of your browser's cookies. (Yeah, it sucks, so don't get banned.) You will not be able to register another account with the same name. If you want your original name back, feel free to subscribe to the site to do so.

Creating a new account and returning to do the same shit that got you banned in the first place; or for especially egregious violations of the rules; will result in a perma-ban.

If you are perma-banned, you will find yourself unable to create a new account at all, and unable to read the forums, even if you're not logged in. If you've done something bad enough to warrant a perma-ban, I suggest you leave and not come back since your chances of having it overturned are low.


If you do not agree to these rules, you are free to no longer visit this site. Remember that these are privately owned and operated forums, and by creating an account, you agree to abide by these rules.

(Thanks to Lowtax at www.somethingawful.com for the boilerplate that these rules were based off of).

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