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1 Dynamic content: Trolls getting thier asses kicked by frogs (post #10) 2003-02-06 22:28:33
Let it never be said that we don't look after our allies.

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
2 Drysart! People are stalking you!!! (post #10) 2003-02-02 21:18:38
Mine. Don't tell anybody.

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
3 Very well then... (post #0) 2002-02-16 18:01:42
Taran, you've left me no choice.I've ordered my dragoon commanders to find you and return you to Neriak, by force if necessary; and to kill that precious woman of yours if she tries to interfere.You w...

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
4 Taran! (post #99) 2002-01-17 16:43:44
*narrows her eyes dangerously and speaks in a quiet, firm voice*Stop being foolish, Taran. You know Neriak has eyes everywhere. You know you can't run or hide forever, and you know you'll be hunted d...

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
5 Taran! (post #59) 2002-01-03 10:32:14
Queen Christianos Thex XVII, her name changed to honor the great Queens before her, is highly concerned about her son, who has not been performing his duties as of late, and now running around with a ...

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
6 Taran! (post #54) 2001-12-31 16:09:00
*laughs*You have no clue, do you? I will see to it that the Lodge teaches its members better.

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
7 Taran! (post #51) 2001-12-30 14:41:00
That's very presumptuous of you, knave. How dare you suggest something like that, and as crude, as well?You were obviously not raised to hold the proper respect to your matriarch. Perhaps some educati...

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
8 Taran! (post #38) 2001-12-20 01:41:23
You are not a fit mother to bear my son's child, druid. He must have a suitable heir, Innoruuk demands it.

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
9 Taran! (post #22) 2001-12-18 18:42:03
I trust that this matter left in your hands will be taken care of to Lord Innoruuk's satisfaction, Venefica.

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
10 Taran! (post #0) 2001-12-18 02:53:10
Innoruuk would not approve of your recent behavior. If you do not wish to face his wrath, I implore you to do whatever is necessary to prevent the current course of events from continuing.

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute
11 WARNING! DO NOT BUY AO! (post #46) 2001-07-04 16:08:00
OMG what are you all smoking. Yeah AO is pretty laggy ATM. But hey you have a ton of people trying to get in. Anyone remember when EQ had the Chat and Login server as one and the same? And I was in Be...

Innoruuk's House of Ill Repute

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