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Topic: Very well then...
Vinalrii N'Ariqi
Dark Mother
posted 02-16-2002 06:01:42 PM
Taran, you've left me no choice.

I've ordered my dragoon commanders to find you and return you to Neriak, by force if necessary; and to kill that precious woman of yours if she tries to interfere.

You will thank me for this some day.

posted 02-16-2002 06:02:20 PM
Dun dun duuuuuun!
Road Warrior Queef
posted 02-16-2002 06:03:13 PM
DRAMATIC PAUSE! (do the humpty-hump!)
That's the American Dream: to make your life into something you can sell. - Chuck Palahniuk, Haunted

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I'll take two of anything, please. To go.
posted 02-16-2002 06:07:47 PM
Soldar goes off to "Find some hearty travellers to go and kill some random dragoons." This, for Soldar, is also known as drinking 'till he forgets.

[ 02-16-2002: Message edited by: Soldar ]

Vidi, vici, veni.
Nae's Stooge
posted 02-16-2002 08:31:36 PM
And I was all like 'Oh yeah?' and Vinalrii N'Ariqi was all like:
Taran, you've left me no choice.

"Taran" is one of Drysarts secondary accounts Like Bloodsage, or Peachis.


I've ordered my dragoon commanders to find you and return you to Neriak, by force if necessary; and to kill that precious woman of yours if she tries to interfere.

You do know that Neriak is just some data in a computer, not a real place......

RPer = pwned.

Veni, vidi, vici
Cold in an Alley
posted 02-16-2002 08:51:53 PM
Fennar wrote this stupid crap:
RPer = pwned.
Notice Vinalrii's account number
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Please keep your arms, legs, heads, tails, tentacles, pseudopods, wings, and/or other limb-like structures inside the ride at all times.
Please submit all questions, inquests, and/or inquiries, in triplicate, to the Department of Redundancy Department, Division for the Management of Division Management Divisions.

Vidi, vici, veni.
Nae's Stooge
posted 02-16-2002 09:04:32 PM
Check out the big brain on Ford Prefect!
[QUOTE]Fennar wrote this stupid crap:
[qb]RPer = pwned.

Notice Vinalrii's account number [/QB][/QUOTE]

Whats your point? just cause shes #2 dosent meen that shes not a wussy RPer!

Veni, vidi, vici
Lyinar Ka`Bael
Are you looking at my pine tree again?
posted 02-16-2002 09:05:44 PM
(If I'm not mistaken, that IS Drys)

(So :P)

Lyinar Ka`Bael, Piney Fresh Druidess - Luclin

posted 02-16-2002 09:14:35 PM
Willias scratches the back of his head.
If this means I get to smack around evil dark elves I will be happy.

Fennar said this stuff:
RPer = pwned.

And why would you want to pwn a RPer, sounds like jealousy.

[ 02-16-2002: Message edited by: Willias ]

Ruvie's Alt
Haven't you always wanted a monkey?
posted 02-16-2002 09:26:14 PM

*The end of a greatsword erups from Fennar. A few seconds later, the rest follows. Not enough of a wound to kill him, just enough to put him in a world of hurt.*

*A large, armoured half-elf is behind him.*

Now that that's done...

Great! More bitching at Taran.

Look. Taran's an adult. He can make his own choices, and he's responsible for what happens because of those choices.

You can't force him to go back to Neriak. He can if he wants to.

If your dragoon squad goes near Taran...

*The half-elf pulls his greatsword out of Fennar's back, and sheathes it.*

...They'll have me to answer to.

Just a warning.

Man, it's been a while since I've done any FFRP...

SCA babe!!!
posted 02-16-2002 11:37:09 PM
Raises both eyebrows at Vinalrii .

Oh, I don't THINK so.

Pulls out her swords, and growls very quietly.

Yeah, I think Taran's a jackass... but NO ONE is pullin poeple who love each other apart. And no one threatens Piper while I'm watching, either.

Is obviously watching over Piper.

Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 02-17-2002 12:14:09 AM
Khyron flies in on a gnomish steam-powered zeppelin, dropping gnomish stink bombs around the entrance to Neriak. And dropping the gnomes he stole it all from.

Wheeeeeee! AHAHAHAHAHAH! Look at that! That gnome fell RIGHT on the dragoons sword! Whoops! Looks like I hit one of the big stone golem things with a stinkbomb. Bet he's gonna be real popular! Ahahahahahahahaha! Erp. I'm losing altitude. I think I should have saved a gnome who knew how to fly this thing.

Khyron uses his nifty Vah'Shir hide/sneak rogue powarz to avoid detection as he bails out of the sinking zepp, landing with ease (Your skill in safe fall has gone up! (98)), and slowly, slowly moving away...

Tier the Genius™
Dark Elf Pimp
posted 02-17-2002 01:40:18 AM
Tier the enchanter speaks out, "As I was born, so have I pledged to serve our Father. My Queen, I will aid the Dragoons with ending Taran's folly, bringing him charmed if needs it be."

[ 02-17-2002: Message edited by: Tier ]

Kafziel T'Sarran
posted 02-17-2002 02:34:19 AM
Of course my services and abilities are all available to aid in returning Taran to Neriak and disposing of any thing that may stand in the way.
The Outlaw Torn
posted 02-17-2002 03:27:54 AM
And I like cheese.




Well, I feel that had to be said.

Time was never on my side.
So on I wait my whole lifetime.

posted 02-17-2002 05:03:01 AM
*Is found in that very bar soldar is "Searching for edventurers" drinking himself into a stupor.
"AAArggh! Thrice damned tolerance to Alcohol!!!!" *Slams another mug of ale down, adding to the 8ft of bar countertop full of empty mugs*

All Empires Fall, You just have to know where to push- Me
Cleric Rogue Sigpic
posted 02-17-2002 08:44:39 AM
I knew i shouldn't have let them escape alone...

*Didanya turns to Vinalrii, and then looks over At Gikk and smiles. She draws her swords and checks her bow is to hand.*

I ran away last time, I'm not going to follow Piper's wishes on this. What Tier'dal Challenges the Protectors of Pine and the wrath of Karana?!

Dr. Gee
Say it Loud, Say it Plowed!
posted 02-17-2002 10:23:57 AM
oh. glee. The whiners are parading out of Neriak in force.

Taran has enough emotional problems rolling around without you bunch making it worse.

Rabid Druid
posted 02-17-2002 11:05:26 AM
Vinni.... surely there is another option? Please don't leave your grandchild to grow up without a father. A mother's love is strong, but isn't all a child needs. What's more is Taran and I need each other. We are better together than we are apart. Please don't force this tomb upon us. I know you're scared Taran will be out of your life forever, but it doesn't have to be that way. There must be some middle ground we can find.. please?

What?! I was talking about the fish you crazy bastard!
Aure entuluva! ...or at least I hope.
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