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Topic: GPT-3 Generated Stories
eet bugz
posted 07-10-2021 07:15:08 PM
Give me any or all of the following and I'll have an AI generate a story from it:
- The start of a story
- The general plot of a story
- A title

Here's an example of what the AI came up with when given no data to work with and asked to begin a story from scratch:


It�s not something that people think about very often, but since the discovery of their physical reality, parallel universes have been used for the benefit of humanity. They were employed as storage space in the late 90�s, and were instrumental in the discovery of dark matter a century later. It can be argued that viewing other universes through their tangential interrelationships is a form of �manifest destiny� for our species.

The discovery of the seven-dimensional higher space of possibilities by a single grad student in a joint collaboration between the University of Wainuku and the Center for Localized Particle and Particle Compatibility was not only revolutionary but has also led to our current reality.

diadem fucked around with this message on 07-10-2021 at 07:17 PM.

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