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Topic: Is, is this Mort?
Rodent King
Stabbed in the Eye
posted 06-18-2017 03:35:09 PM
Lord Buckethead

What will you do when you're leading the UK?

Rodent King fucked around with this message on 06-18-2017 at 03:35 PM.

My inner child is bigger than my outer adult.
posted 06-23-2017 10:01:34 PM
Blasting children into space would be right in line with Mort's agenda, but Mort was an imperialist and this guy is way too live-and-let-live.
Gluttonous Overlard
posted 06-24-2017 03:49:41 PM
He's way cooler than me.
Suicide (Also: Gay.)
posted 06-26-2017 10:27:40 AM
You sly dog you.
posted 06-27-2017 12:37:07 AM
Has anyone seen them in the same room at the same time? Until that happens I remain unconvinced.
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