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Topic: I sure am glad we got the flame tag back!
Taskmaster Bajah
posted 04-14-2005 03:22:10 PM
Katrinity had this to say about (_|_):
Yeah, but it was on a personal topic that was told to be dropped by the higher-up back when the incident first happened.


As for this thread...

Moderator Madness: Any form of moderator harassment, insults, doing the opposite of what you were asked to do, reopening a thread that was closed, bitching about a custom title, protesting a ban, abuse of the "Alert Moderator" button, guesses as to the real identities of the moderators, or complaining about what you feel are the shortcomings of the current moderation team, regardless of merit, will result in a ban. If you disagree with something a mod has asked you to do, do it anyway, then bring the matter to Drysart privately.

Crazy Catch-All: Anyone attemping to circumvent any rule in a way they obviously feel is remarkably clever and witty will be banned in an appropriately clever and witty way.

I'm not really certain which rule fits this one better. So I'll just lock the thread and go from there.

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