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Topic: Aradune passed away
posted 11-19-2019 07:22:47 PM

It is with deep regret we share that Brad McQuaid passed away last night. He will be deeply missed and forever remembered by gamers worldwide.

Thank you for bringing us together through your worlds. Rest in peace @Aradune.

VR offers our deepest condolences to Brad�s family.

That's rough, really unexpected.

Pooh Ogre
Keeper of the Shoulders of Peachis Perching
posted 11-20-2019 11:48:56 AM
Pretty shocking. Looks like he was actively posting on Twitter as recently as a few days ago.

I started playing EverQuest my senior year of high school and it provided a space for me to build bonds and make friendships with people that have lasted most of my adult life. He was a huge component of crafting that world and I'm glad it was there to be explored. There are valid criticisms of Brad's game design philosophies, but it's clear that his work fostered strong communities of people. For that, he should be commended and remembered fondly. Rest in peace.

Gluttonous Overlard
posted 11-20-2019 01:34:14 PM
Wait what? Aw hell..

EQ was my very first MMO and still my favourite. I loved how hard it was. Every other MMO I've tried since feels like it's on easy mode.

posted 11-21-2019 08:10:07 PM
I meant to come here when I heard and then life got in the way. Glad to see Evercrest remembers Aradune. RIP, Brad!
posted 11-27-2019 09:31:44 AM
Sometimes the topic turns to gaming and I don't do much of it anymore but I end up explaining that I played EQ pretty regularly for nearly ten years. I covered pretty much every play style there was in that time from casual to grouper to high end raider. There were things in EQ that we had never seen before, and you sometimes had to get the help of a lot of other people to see them. and it became the game by which I judged all other games. Not a bad legacy I think.

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