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Topic: Re: Taxes
Road Warrior Queef
posted 02-09-2019 11:42:15 AM
Thought I'd break even with the new tax law(lower tax rate, but fewer deductions)--instead, wound up paying $2000 more. Fuckyouverymuch, Donald J. Trump.

Also, you apparently can't reply to old topics.

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posted 02-10-2019 10:17:40 PM
I paid about 10k more this year than last year, yet my return was almost the same. So, right there with you.
Heart Attack
posted 02-12-2019 08:28:01 PM
My refund was within $5 of last year's. And my withheld taxes turned out to be $4000 less than last year's, even though my income was a bit higher this year.
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Gluttonous Overlard
posted 02-14-2019 06:12:14 PM
Work almost exclusively in cash and keep it out of the bank. Then record a loss.

Fuck you, tax man.

posted 02-15-2019 11:09:30 AM
My refund's looking like it's only be about a third of what it has historically been; but it's hard to say how much of that is due to tax changes because I've got both sizable capex on my passthrough LLC taking a pretty large chunk out of my taxable income, and a big 1099-B saddling me with cap gains adding tax burden because I shifted all my investments to recession-proof them last year.

I miss being able to just file a 1040-EZ.

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