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Topic: So, that BoTW game
Rodent King
Stabbed in the Eye
posted 09-28-2018 04:01:07 PM
Zelda. On the Switch. It hasn't hooked me after getting through the opening area. I was digging the open-world, and the way you'd unlock the abilities tailored for the temples.

But the weapons break after 4-6 hits. Even a new sword will break mid-fight, then it's back to using a club or finding another sword.
Take a few potshots with your bow and it'll break, leaving you awkwardly looking at its sliver of life left as you equip a different bow.
The cooking/potions minigame seems interesting if used right; though I'd prefer permanent upgrades a la Horizon: Zero Dawn or most other open-world games.

To make matters worse, I just picked up Skyrim along with BoTW and the comparisons are jarring. Even at low levels I can swap between sneaking/archery, a sword & board or a fireball casting necromancer. (Sometimes all at once!)

In Zelda, I give up trying to fight packs of enemies after they break my second and only sword. Then kite them around dropping bombs behind me until I cheese my way to a win.

Does it get better? Is my opinion definitely 'Wrong' as the Internet would have me believe? Does it matter at all, since I've dropped everything to play Valkyria Chronicles 4?


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posted 10-02-2018 08:58:10 AM
Weapons generally only break that quickly if you're getting blocked on your swings. Wait for openings before attacking to extend your weapon life.

Managing your weapons is part of the game though. Finding creative ways of using stasis or the magnet power to kill things can also be fun.

Road Warrior Queef
posted 10-02-2018 09:55:34 AM
I like watching those speedrunner types charge up insane velocities on trees and shit with the stasis thingy, then launch themselves halfway across the map in one go.
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posted 10-04-2018 08:12:51 PM
I was very meh about it. Thought it wouldn't have gotten much attention if it'd been a game other than Zelda series. Horizon Zero Dawn got robbed for Game of the Year.
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