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Topic: Are your taxes going up?
Road Warrior Queef
posted 01-26-2018 10:33:18 PM
The new withholdings kick in in about 3 weeks, but my work released the new rates today. Overall, I'll be saving about 3-4% in federal income taxes. Hopefully that'll be enough to offset the double taxation on my state income tax (property tax thresholds, thankfully, don't apply to me). Honestly, I just expect to break even, since this tax bill was not targeted at people like me.

But enough about me. How are you guys gonna do on your 2018 returns?

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Suicide (Also: Gay.)
posted 01-29-2018 10:19:33 AM
Still waiting on the IRS to update the withholdings calculator. It's been a month and apparently they can't figure out their own fucking tax bill.
posted 01-29-2018 11:53:16 AM
Still waiting like Blindy. I think we estimated in our household that we are going to save some money though.
Falaanla Marr
posted 02-14-2018 11:06:43 PM
I'm saving around 75 bucks a paycheck myself based on current withholding levels, which maths out with the calculators I've looked at.
posted 05-08-2018 03:40:55 PM
Late to the party (last few times I checked the boards, they didn't load... thought it finally died).

Actually got a bit more here, but being a homeowner with a kid has SOME perks. Texas also doesn't have a state tax.

However, I got relocated by work to OKC in Mid-Feb, so I'll be interested to see how taxes change next year.

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