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Topic: Them Pokemans, Go!
Rodent King
Stabbed in the Eye
posted 07-23-2016 08:29:43 PM
Between nostalgia, a pent-up competitive urge and the social support created by everyone playing this game I have ground my way to level 25.

Anyone else play?

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Brahmin Bloodlust
High Priest of Drysart
posted 07-23-2016 08:51:17 PM
I almost hit 10. This heat wave has put a damper on my daily walks though.

Dover NJ sucks for Pokemans

Never wore the pants, thus still wields the power of unused (_|_)
posted 07-24-2016 02:57:53 PM
I just hit 16. Texas heat sucks though, so I only go out at night if I am still awake.
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Random Insanity Generator
Condom Ninja El Supremo
posted 07-26-2016 05:07:56 AM
Hit 19 the first weekend. I'm currently stagnating at 23 because I don't feel like burning more cash (already dumped the Google Play credit I had) and my legs are fucking killing me.
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I've got an owie on my head :(
posted 08-16-2016 11:15:20 AM
Azakias probably says this to all the girls:
I just hit 16. Texas heat sucks though, so I only go out at night if I am still awake.

This, basically. I refuse to go out when it's 100 so I've more or less stalled at level 11.

Heart Attack
posted 08-16-2016 11:41:16 AM
Man, I'm behind--I'm only level 6. I haven't even picked a team yet. Need to see which gyms are near the house.
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Road Warrior Queef
posted 08-16-2016 12:31:42 PM
I was recently in NYC for a bachelor party and my friends all gained like 5 levels in 3 hours as we went around to various activities--there are Pokestops and Gyms and all that other bullshit everywhere.
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