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Topic: Dying Light
Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 01-29-2015 10:53:04 AM




General consensus that I've seen :

1) The story is bland. It's a zombie game. This surprises nobody.

2) The game plays like Dead Island only better, because it's fixed a bunch of the shit dead island did wrong.

3) You start out weak and meh. You end up being a zombie-murdering badass who can split a zombie in half top-to-bottom.

4) Nighttime is intense as hell. Some find it scary as fuck, others just find it exhilarating, but everyone seems to say it's awesome at night.

Does anyone else here have anything to contribute?

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Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 01-30-2015 11:50:13 AM

1) Melee weapons visibly decay over time. Pipes get bent and broken, a bigass knife you get starts to fall apart and loses the tip, etc.

When you fix them, you actually SEE the metal reinforcing the weapons. It's not just "Oh well now it's back to full" but it actually LOOKS like you repaired it. It's a small detail but small details like that are awesome.

Weapons can only be repaired a certain amount of times before they become permanently broken, but there's enough weapons out there (And you can stash weapons and grab them from safe zones) that you never need to worry about permabroken stuff.

2) The environment is LITTERED with all kinds of things you can use to your advantage. The most basic example is kicking or drop-kicking zombies into spikes, or tossing a firecracker into a puddle of spilled oil and watching zombies shamble into it. I unlocked a 'grapple' move which basically just shoves a zombie in a direction of my choosing, then spent 30 minutes just shoving zombies onto spikes and into electrified puddles and into flaming cars.

3) Sometimes the puzzles are a little retarded. It can be difficult to tell what part of the environment is static and what isn't. In one case I had to go into a shop but there were no visible entrances; turns out I had to lift a partially-open garage door thing. But the garage door I had to lift looks identical to the dozens I can't lift and there was nothing I could see indicating this one would be different.

On another occasion there was a building I had to go into, and the front door didn't look like a door so I spent ten minutes circling trying to figure out how to get inside before I realised I could go in through the front.

It's a lot more immersive than shit like bioshock where the objective you need is glowing gold and emitting sounds and sparklies but it can be frustrating too.

4) There are goodies EVERYWHERE and you're rewarded for exploration with all kinds of shit. Blueprints for weapons, weapon upgrades, hard-to-find components, valuable shit to sell... exploration in this game is amazingly fun.

5) Human enemies are assholes and should be burned to death with molotov cocktails whenever possible.

6) Nighttime is very, very tense. Lots of fun because it grants all kinds of extra rewards, but quite tense.

7) It's not a really long game if you just power through the main quest but it's hard to focus on the main quest because it's just too much fun fucking with zombies and exploring and dicking around.

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