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Topic: Hearthstone
posted 10-24-2013 07:30:38 PM
Give me a beta invite, thanks
Random Insanity Generator
Condom Ninja El Supremo
posted 10-24-2013 11:16:41 PM
I just got mine... are they supposed to give extras?
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posted 10-25-2013 04:32:41 AM
I don't think so, but some people seem to have extra keys or keys they don't want.

If you're such a person, give me one too please.

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Rodent King
Stabbed in the Eye
posted 10-25-2013 03:40:12 PM
I would beta the crap out of Hearthstone!

Shame they announced the end of the WoW TCG. Playing through the raid decks with friends was a lot of fun!

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posted 10-29-2013 04:29:24 PM
If I get a spare key, I'll let you know, Nemmy.
posted 10-29-2013 11:43:37 PM
I thought it was pretty boring. Most matches you end up top-decking by the last quarter or so. Matches are heavily influenced by luck of the draw and imba moneycash cards.
posted 10-29-2013 11:45:27 PM
So I guess basically exactly like every TCG, but worse.
Redmage Darkrayver
posted 11-19-2013 05:30:17 PM
I'll agree, it tends to be really reliant on luck of the draw like any TCG, but if you can get up to the 150G pretty quick, you will want to spend time in the Arenas getting bonuses and cards that way instead of dumping your gold/money into card packs.

At least with Arena you are on an even playing field in terms of cards.

posted 11-25-2013 10:38:21 PM
I got a beta invite so I'll see how it is
Gluttonous Overlard
posted 11-26-2013 03:35:38 AM
Watched someone playing it.


Redmage Darkrayver
posted 11-26-2013 10:19:20 AM
Mortious had this to say about Captain Planet:
Watched someone playing it.


It's not for everyone. It helps if you like TCGs and the Warcraft universe. If neither appeal to you, it won't be for you.

It's a good game, definately something I'm going to keep up with.

posted 11-26-2013 09:49:43 PM
For being a game that isn't as deep as mtg, these people sure do take forever to take their turns.
posted 11-26-2013 10:46:19 PM
posted 11-28-2013 01:30:54 AM
posted 11-28-2013 04:17:50 AM
Okay this isn't too bad. Unless I just got very lucky,on a 7-3? draft I got enough gold to do another draft for free, and a pack to go along with it.

nem-x fucked around with this message on 11-28-2013 at 04:18 AM.

Falaanla Marr
posted 11-30-2013 06:44:29 PM
7-3 and up is guaranteed enough gold to re-enter.
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