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Topic: Upgrade options!
Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 05-25-2012 11:00:23 AM
I'm currently running a GeForce GTX 295 card in my PC. This card is fast as hell and works wonderfully. BUT.

Lately I've wanted to upgrade to a DirectX 11 card. Also, some games (DIABLO 3 I AM LOOKING AT YOU) seem to disagree with the card, possibly because it's a dual GPU card.

So I've been looking at upgrading to a GeForce GTX 680. However the only places that have them in stock are places that are charging more than I'd like to pay for them. The places with good pricing are constantly out of stock.

I could go with a GeForce GTX 670 now that they're out (And $100 cheaper), but part of me dislikes the thought of going with a lower quality card when I could get a more powerful one.

I have a personal dislike of ATI so I don't really want to look into those. I just can't decide! Wait for a 680 to become available, or get the 670 now?

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Condom Ninja El Supremo
posted 05-26-2012 08:11:07 AM
Playing on a GTX460 2gb card and haven't had any real issues with D3, but it is my next upgrade item (already replaced CPU/Board/RAM).

Avoid buying from Newegg for vid cards. From what I've seen I can go to BestBuy in most cases and get the card for cheaper. The rest of their prices are usually pretty good, but their vid card prices are crap.

The last time I can remember buying an "absolute top end" vid card was when I bought my Voodoo1 card. The Voodoo2 I bought was the 8mb instead of the 12mb and every card since then has been a step or so off of the absolute top end card. The performance difference hasn't been demonstrably worth the extra cash for me. There's also the "performance tweaked" cards that are comparable to the top end card at a slightly lesser price to consider as well....

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Mightion Defensor
posted 05-26-2012 12:55:20 PM
You've got better Best Buys than we do.... the BBs here keep their video card stock at least two years out of date, it seems.

Anyway, my GTX 570 SC still handles everything I throw at it, but I only run one monitor.

Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 05-26-2012 05:17:58 PM
Well, finding a 670 overclocked to 1058mhz and outperforming stock 680's pretty much sealed the deal for me :


Doesn't look like Best Buy or TigerDirect has them in stock, and Newegg is sold out... time to continue playing the waiting game....

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