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Topic: Endless WAR account? Weird
A completely different kind of Buckethead
posted 08-22-2009 12:06:00 AM
My Warhammer Online account was cancelled in June, account status shows it as having ended then, but I can still log in and play and my credit card isn't charged by them.

Downside being I no longer want to play the game

But really damn weird that it is cancelled but endlessly enabled

Yeah, that is all

posted 08-22-2009 01:54:20 AM
I had an account like that for a few months too.

I also did not want to play during those free months.

Who the hell do you think I am?
I'm the goddamn Batman.
posted 08-22-2009 02:37:12 AM
sell it for 5 bucks
Captain Tarquinn
Don't Ask
posted 08-22-2009 05:52:12 AM
I never had to pay for my Everquest account.
"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."
Old and Gay
posted 08-22-2009 11:07:46 AM
Warhammer Online was awesome the first time I played it.

Back when it was called World of Warcraft.

A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent.
posted 08-22-2009 02:55:03 PM
Captain Tarquinn attempted to be funny by writing:
I never had to pay for my Everquest account.

I had to pay until Kunark. Then my account became one of the bugged batch and it was free until about three years ago.

Norim Stumpfighter
posted 08-22-2009 03:15:08 PM
I was a guide in EQ around Kunark, I quit guiding (i just stopped doing it, didnt tell anyone) and they never removed the freeness from the account for about 2-3 years.
posted 08-22-2009 04:11:07 PM
Maybe it's like when you subscribe to Gamestop's Informer magazine, and they send you your "final" issue when your sub is up, but you still get issues for another year.
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