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Topic: Attn all mods: Take 2..
Abbi's Admin Acct
posted 08-17-2003 09:16:49 PM
{since version 1 was pwned by edit time limits... good one abbi.. *smacks her head*)

Ok.. I have no idea if this is working or not.... Way to test out my Admin access...

Anyways, I'm hoping all the mods can see this, and I'd like you all to sound off here if you can please.

As the title says, this is Abbikat, on an alt account I made to be able to speak with the mods privately.. (Gad I hope this is working...)

First off I'd like to say that I am just as shocked as everyone else about being made Admin here. Suffice to say it's not really something that I'd ask to do, but if Tim wants me to look after things while he's on sabatical, well I'm going to give it my best...

I dont know who you all are, and really I dont want to know. It's none of my business as I see it. Tim chose you all, just as he chose me, and he has his reasons for those choices. He trusts you guys to look after these forums, and so thats good enough for me.

I dont know what you guys have as instructions or rules or anything like that. It's not my place to change those rules either.

EC is not under new management. I am not Drysart. I have no intention on enforcing my will on folks, because this isnt my property. I'm a caretaker for the owner while he's on holiday. Making sure the lawn is mowed, collecting the mail, taking out the trash, and generally keeping the place safe and tidy.

This is where I'm going to rely on you folks. I cant be here all the time. To be honest, I still dont know half of what the functions do. Add to that, Tim nevre really gave me any instuctions of what to do either.

So I'm going to rely on you all keeping things in line, and escalating stuff to me like you would to Drysart. Feel free to PM me here, or on my Abbikat account (please, preferably use your Mod accounts... I really dont want the added stress of knowing who the mods really are... )

Anyway, hi to everyone (although I'm guessing you all know me, and I probably know you ). I look forward to waorking with you (hopefully as little as possible.. this is way too scary for me..) and handing back EC to Tim just as he left it.

Can all of you sound off here in your mod accounts so I know you've seen this pls?

posted 08-17-2003 09:23:35 PM
Mod accounts cant send PMs, so any communication will have to be here

And fair warning... Most of the alerts are "OMG ANGST!" or LOG steals all of the good ones.

Taskmaster Bajah
posted 08-17-2003 09:29:43 PM
Well, we CAN send PMs... we just have them turned off to receive PMs. (Though they can be turned on)

But yeah, I'm here. I'll continue doing my job and stealing all the good ones... or something. Yes.

I won't complain if you try. If you need anything from us beyond just doing what we normally do (as seen from our actions in the past), just ask. We're friendly people, I'd like to think.

posted 08-17-2003 09:32:27 PM
Bah. They already found this. Vultures.

PS. Blacklist doesnt completely work

PPS. I just tried to send a PM and got a no-no message.

Taskmaster Bajah
posted 08-17-2003 09:39:19 PM
Interesting. I just sent a PM and it went fine. Maybe the Government is limited heheheheheheheheheh

Dunno what to tell you. We don't have access to any private forums for the Mods, unfortunately. Nor do we have any Mod-email or anything. This is the best place, I assume. Drysart normally does this blacklist idea or sends us PMs on our normal board accounts.

Abbi's Admin Acct
posted 08-17-2003 09:46:27 PM
I think I'll use the blacklist idea.. I've had someone check and they tell me they can see posts, but cant actually open or read them... and I have no reason to doubt what they tell me..

Although if it does go sour, I guess we can go over to the PMs between direct accounts... but I'd rather not. I talk in my sleep sometimes apparently, and I'd rather not blurt out names.. even if no-one else is close enough to hear

Is the mod3 account active? or is it just you 2 (plus Parce for Flameball)?

posted 08-17-2003 09:49:47 PM
Parce is limited to Flameball so he shouldnt beable to see this and mod3 should be deactive.

[ 08-17-2003: Message edited by: The Government ]

Abbi's Admin Acct
posted 08-17-2003 10:42:26 PM
ok, thanks

Hopefully I'll have nothing to do... I think somehow it'll be better for EC that way too...

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