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Topic: My Characters.
Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 04-12-2003 05:26:13 AM
I use all my characters in all my games, so the background stories are generally different between them all. But the basics are the same :

Khyron is my main character; he's me. Unlike his namesake, he's -usually- a good person. Like me, he likes to think of himself as being able to be good OR evil, but (once again, like me) he usually ends up just being good. He's got his flaws, his strengths, but mostly he likes to laze around and relax. Most of the time I don't play him in games because, 90% of the time the name's already taken =/

Khumalo and Khuden. Both were orphaned by <insert any recent war here>. In EQ's case, it was the battle of bloody kithicor In Planetside, it was a warpgate accident as they were first settling Auraxis, before the gate itself closed. Both were orphaned, grew up together, but were eventually separated.

Khumalo is a big, big man. A very powerful fighter who's usually lacking on Defense. In EQ, he was my big white kitty rogue; strong hits but not too strong on defense. In Planetside, Khumalo is my MAX warrior; with the most power available, specialising in all three MAX suits.

Khuden is a jack-of-all-trades. He's the kind that could never stick with one thing very long, so generally tries them all, not always to great success. In EQ, he was my bard, whom I got to 36, the farthest I ever got a character back when I played. In Planetside, he's my assault troop. He normally uses reinforced armor with an energy pistol, rifle, and Lasher. This gives him decent defense while giving him weapons for use in any situation.

Khrynn is the merchant's wealthy daughter. She's very headstrong and has an incredible love of money. She's strong, but not too bright. In EQ, she was my warrioress. In Planetside, she ends up being my support tech. Capable of healing and repairing, and with expertise in the Sunder heavy transport and the AMS station, she concentrates more on helping her squad kill shit, than actually killing shit. The fact that EXP is shared with a whole squad is how she goes up in her ranks.

Kharynthia is the stereotypical catburglar. Likes dangling from ropes and sneaking around without others noticing (Though unlike most of her kind, she hates black leather outfits. Go figure.). She never saw the light of day in Everquest, however she became my infiltrator in Planetside. Using her infiltration suit and melee booster, she likes to sneak up on the enemy and decimate them with her force knife. When travelling great distances, she's most at home on the back of her Wraith. Capable of killing anyone in two hits, she's a ghost to be feared. For base assaults, she is a highly skilled hacker who also can use medium weaponry and agile armor when there is a need.

The last 4 (Khuden/Khumalo/Khrynn/Kharynthia) are the characters I play the most. Each one has a particular role I enjoy playing; pure offense, jack-of-all-trades, support role, and stealth. In every multiplayer game I play, where the characters aren't on-the-fly (Such as in CS or any other MP FPS game where the characters aren't saved remotely) I generally have one of these characters take on one of those roles

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Not gay; just weird
posted 04-12-2003 07:27:05 AM
I think I'll follow suit with my own list of characters.

Azymyth is for the most part very much not like me. He has two versions of himself (fantasy and modern). First he's a wondering warrior-bard how has a distinct roguish quality to him as well. He's polite and quick witted. He dabbles in alchemy and illusion. He tries to be as good a person as able and follow the strictures of his patron god. On the flip side, he's a modern day rocker who years go lost the love of his life and has since been unable to let himself become close to anyone to the point of being an obnoxious jerk. Underneath the rude exterior, he still is a good person on the whole though.

Rhiannah is a smart ditz (Think high Int and low Wis scores. ) who, after finding she has the potential to do magic, has taking to studying to be the best she can be. She loves to read, and can often be found in libraries reading or possibly working there. Her familiar, Glenwick, is unusual to say the least. He's a dire toad with a frightening set of piranha-like teeth, and seems to constantly show a great deal of intelligence even when his master is absent.

Caelin is probably the most like me in personality (and in looks), but far different in terms of abilities. Like me, he tends to be quiet and thoughtful if a bit brash and shy. Unlike me, he has amazing stamina and can endure lots of punishment, a trait learn from years of being picked on by bullies when he was a kid. He aspires to be a great fighter so he can protect the people he cares about (Namely Rhiannah) and is currently undergoing training as a Lancer (in the Final Fantasy sense of the word). He also oddly enough likes to skateboard.

Greg is my newest character that I've been playing a lot. He's a bit shy around women and up until recently had completely given up on dating due to past hurt. He has the nickname of "Amp" due to amazing ability at working sound systems (as well as a lot of other electronic devices). He enjoys just sitting around with friends and either watching TV or talking. Currently, he's a roadie for modern Azy's band.

I've got a lot of minor characters that I've played either in IRC RPs or in EQ/DAoC but the ones above are probably the ones I like the most (plus, when I think about it, I think I'd run out of room trying to list them all and giving some sort of brief description... x.x)

I suffer from CRS: Can't Remember Shit.

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Ruvie's Alt
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posted 04-12-2003 08:10:50 AM
I actually have quite a few.

Gobog: Big-ass Half-Orc Barbarian. Yeah, this is the guy that tore out a dragon's intestines. He's all physical power, and likes beer. He also tends to go berserk and kill anything in his path seemingly whenever he thinks that would be a good idea (which is almost always).

Koric: Like Gobog, he's big and a Barbarian. However, first off, he's human. Second off, he doesn't go berserk. He's a warrior who defended his people, before he was exiled.

Ruvyen: Half-Elven. Skilled swordsman and mercenary, Ruvyen won't take another humanoid life unless either he has absolutely no recourse or he's defending someone. Most notable features are his blue hair and tiger tail. He has no idea which member of the family he got that from, he was just sorta... born with them.

Ruien: Ruvyen's younger cousin, also Half-Elven. He's almost the exact opposite of Ruvyen, in that he doesn't fight to help. He fights to become a better fighter, and eventually become a god of battle. He lives only to fight, and doesn't care about who he steps on on his path to godhood. Ruien is overconfident, however, and is constantly taking huge risks, and the only reason he's still alive is because there was always someone to get him out (usually Ruvyen).

Qeadin: A wise, old Elven wizard. He used to be an adventurer, but now he's too old for it. Instead, he helps Ruvyen out. He's the one everyone goes to for advice.

Khazmon: This Dwarven warrior loves to fight, but it isn't to defend people or to become the mightiest warrior. He simply loves the thrill of combat and the excitement of adventure. That, and booze. Wherever there's alcohol, there's Khazmon.

That's aboot all I can recall... I really need to start writing these down.

Falaanla Marr
posted 04-12-2003 10:43:10 AM
Misunderstood the thread at first. I actually yave a few characters I use

First, Falaanla. Fal is always some type of magic user. 80% of the time, its arcane magic, 15% of the time its divine magic, and if possible, the other 5% of the time its a combo of both, leaning heavily towards arcane magic. Fal would be like an Aasimar from D&D, she is planetouched (I'll post her actual bio later.). She almost always has a lawful good type of personality, and almost always has some sort of ability to summon a pet.

Next, Aluinie. She is fun. She got the nickname Loonie for a couple reasons. First, its easier to spell than her name. Secondly, she is crazy. (Addy can attest to that.) She is always an offensive warrior, who is of a fairly agile race. in EQ, she was a wood elf for example, in DAOC she has been a lurikeen and an elf. She likes to fight, but also likes to bounce around. Literally.

Then, Palla. She was a new creation when DAOC was in Beta 3. She started as a Kobold Huntress. She has since evolved into the archer and/or rogue type character in a game I play. Right now she is a Nightshade Never had a chance to develop her personality.

My last female character is Sequanna. She is normally either a pure divine magic caster, or a bard type. This name came about in EQ, when I made a charactero n Druzzil Ro to hang out with some friends. Never had a chance to develop her either :/

Lastly, Moose. The rare male character that I use. Normally the hulking tank type. Bout all he is good for is soaking up damage He would be the most like me in real life, but still isnt that much.

Waits for Lyinar to see this thread and post.

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Valso the WhiteDragon
posted 04-12-2003 10:59:06 AM
These are the characters I use.

Nikademus is the powerhungry type. He lusts for the strongest spells, best equipment, highest rank and in general, greedy. He shares what should be shared, but will not regret trying to obtain more. Generally, a wizard type character (not EQ nuking Wizard neccessarily, just a spell caster really).

Valso is the good humoured, easy going, laid back personality. He enjoys his time helping others if they are nice. Slowly working to better round his abilities before advancing to higher levels or equipment. Infact, usually is donated stuff due to his lack of care for equipment. Normally, a pet class or wizard type. )Although, he did become a Ranger in EQ for a short period of time.) Whatever class he is, he is still the nice guy.

If I ever need more characters, they are usually alterations of Val*. These would just be random extras I use if I need more.

{Most of these were only played in EQ or DAoC. However, this is how I normally will precieve these characters, and since I am not a melee fan, any future MMORP I play will directly relate these characters to appropriate wizard type classes.}

{Oh, side note.
- Nikademus is spelled and taken directly from the game: Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus. Came out in 1987, and use to play it on a good old Win 3.11 OS. Actually, I might have played it on a pure dos system first, I was only around 4/5 then, so hard to remember.
- Valso comes from the game Seventh Saga. In it, he was a ice/healer (more healer then ice caster) and his name was Valsu. However, when I went to make the character for my first time ever, Valsu was not accepted or was in use, thus, altered his name to Valso.}

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Lyinar Ka`Bael
Are you looking at my pine tree again?
posted 04-12-2003 03:16:42 PM
When the babel fish was in place, it was apparent Falaanla Marr said:

Waits for Lyinar to see this thread and post.

I would fill up the next 8 boring hours telling you about all my characters.

Current count is over 119

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Lyinar Ka`Bael, Piney Fresh Druidess - Luclin

posted 04-12-2003 03:30:05 PM
may only be used for threads are are intended to be in-character. It is not for roleplay-related threads, only for threads in which roleplay under the forum's FFRP rules takes place.

Changed the tag. If Khyron wants it changed to something more attention grabbing or appropriate than just "stuff", respond and I'll change it again.

Ja'Deth Issar Ka'bael
I posted in a title changing thread.
posted 04-12-2003 05:29:55 PM
I've got a huge list...so to save on time and sanity, I'll just post the ones you guys are likely to see around EC:

Ja`Deth Issar Ka`Bael
Wizard, mad scientist, scholar...Deth was never intended to be any of these things in his father's eyes. Of the three triplets, traditionally it was always the middle child (in the case of Deth's siblings, his older brother Jayzon) who walked the path of the arcanist. From a young age, Deth was rather precocious and mischievious, always getting into trouble, always harassing Jania, always showboating to get attention. When Deth's father Tia'shik decided to try and lock down the kids into some sense of discipline, Jay (who wanted to be a woodsman) got stuck in the house. Jan immediately went native in the woods, and Deth got shipped off to a monastery to become a monk (it was the strictest calling Tia'shik could think of, and one he hoped would rein in his wisecracking son). His hopes (in private) were that his three children would one day be ready to take over the great family responsibility of guarding over the family ancestor, an ancient great gold wyrm called Ka'al.

Unfortunately, things didn't quite work out the way Tia'shik planned. Deth drove the monks at the monastery crazy; he couldn't be disciplined and the more they tried to force discipline on Deth, the more he rebelled. Add to that the fact that Deth was starting to display unusual natural illusion/suggestion powers (if he called you an "Ass" and invoked the power, your head might look like a donkey and you'd start braying like a donkey...the power mostly seemed to work on Jania best), and it was clear that a monk's life was not Deth's destiny. So he returned home, and Tia'shik (no doubt with his wife Hannah's guidance) more or less let the Triplets choose their own path in life. Deth was trained as a wizard, and he excelled at it, displaying an uncanny intelligence for the intricacies of the arcane, and a love of knowledge. He also had a rather irritating streak of picking up women (human barmaids seemed to dig the exotic elven wizard, a drow assassin named Vlon'uit had a brief on-again, off-again fling with Deth, and there were a few others).

After a long adventure with his siblings, dealing with a genocidal megalomaniac named Corrozehn, an accident (which may or may not have been Deth's fault) during a mass teleport intended to bring the triplets back to their home plae instead sent them careening into a new world (ostensibly Norrath, though probably a more D&D version of Norrath than EQ's). The triplets were separated, and Deth discovered that his illusion/suggestion casting ability was severely limited to only himself...and for some bizarre reason (possibly because Vlon the drow assassin was with them, possibly because some higher power decided Deth needed to learn a little humility) Deth's physical pigmentation now shifts between dark-haired high elf and white-haired dark elf. It was during one of his experiments in the Faydark forests that he bumped into Lyinar, who amazingly enough did not fall for Deth's charm the first time (she tried to whack him with her scimitar when he shifted to dark elf form, in fact), or the second time (he tried wooing her by following her around with his familiar Rocky/R0x0R, singing a love song), and only fell for him the third time out of the "Florence Nightengale" effect after Deth smacked himself headlong into a tree after a mishap with trying to domesticate giant wasps as a means of travel.

These days, Deth is mostly (but not completely) retired from adventuring, preferring to take something of an "Elder Statesman" role in regards to younger generations of would-be adventurers, and to work on his assorted projects. His apotheosis to a dragon form (the result of something of an "arms race" with Corrozhen) is complete, and he now has complete mastery over his appearance, but to him the dragon form is a gift, not something to rely on. He married Lyinar (twice, in fact...the first time he thought he was just enjoying a quaint wood elf tea ceremony since he never learned to speak Sylvan), and they currently have one child, a little girl called "Colin" (Her full name is a mouthful...trust me), and another baby on the way.

The only person who may have any ballpark notion of what Ah'Kiam's real name is, or for that matter any concept of his early life and history is Jania, and she isn't telling. The Triplets met Ah'Kiam early in their adventure, when he was a minor criminal lord in the Faerunian city of Waterdeep. Ah had been hired by Corrozhen to help lure the heroes in, but once he did that, the rogue more or less immediately stopped cooperating and started harassing Jania. Using a magic item, he slipped into Jan's room one night when the gang was on the road and stopped at an inn, and Jan caught him with her sword and nearly killed him...before her vows as a cleric kicked in and she proceeded to heal him.

Jan's brothers didn't trust Ah one bit, which may be part of the reason why Jan seemed to have latched on to her roguish boyfriend all the more tightly. Eventually, Deth and Jay came to respect and accept Ah, after the rogue proved his friendliness to the good guys on several occasions, and Ah more or less went "legit" for an extended period of time. Ah is also directly responsible for Jan no longer being able to ride unicorns (she had a unicorn mount once), though aside from Deth and Jay's rather juvenile teasing of her over it, the matter has gone quiet.

Ah was transported to the new plane with the rest of the gang when Deth's teleport went bad, and Ah, separated from his fellows, more or less fell into his old habits. He rose in the ranks of the assorted criminal organizations, but then he started to really miss Jania and wondered why she hadn't tracked him down yet like he imagined she would have...so he set out to find her. Imagine his surprise to discover that she had crash-landed as a dark elf into Neriak and had been somewhat brainwashed by them. It was Ah's intervention after a failed raid by Jan and her fellows on Kelethin that helped tip Jan's balance back towards the side of good, at which point Lyinar helped Jan re-forge her alliance with the Mother Goddess.

These days, Jan doesn't pester Ah about his more illegal and illicit operations, and he more or less lets her be as bossy as she likes. The ability of the two to give and take is something Deth hasn't ever figured out, since in a lot of ways the two of them aren't at all alike. Ah eventually married Jan, and they're expecting their first kids (Jan is apparently carrying more than one child) any day now. This, however, hasn't led Ah to be any less active; he still acts as a thief and assassin...he just has more of an ethical code about who he'll kill.

R0x0R started life as "Rocky", Deth's squirrel familiar (hey I didn't choose my familiar...GM did). Rocky was probably already pretty intelligent for an animal (he claims he's part copqua...a race of sentient squirrel-creatures) before Deth's familiar-summoning spell drew him to Deth, but being bonded to Deth definitely jacked him up in intelligence. For some reason, R0x0R has always insisted on referring to Deth as "General" and has served Deth loyally; Deth in return has always treated Deth as a partner rather than a true subordinate, a relationship that continues to this day.

When the heroes crash-landed in the new plane, Rocky's body...didn't make it. Quick thinking by Deth preserved his best friend's soul in a gemstone, and Deth soon after figured out how to use that gemstone to create elemental bodies for his familiar. Rocky, after cruising around and observing some "l337 d00dz" started calling himself R0x0R, and Deth more or less didn't care. Deth COULD most likely give Rocky a body very similar to his original, but R0x0R seems to enjoy the freedom his new forms give him, even if it does mean he has to return to the gemstone to rest and change between the forms now and then.

R0x0R spends most of his time with Deth, both as a lab assistant and as an assistant babysitter for Colin when Deth is taking care of her. R0x0R is well aware that while Deth is very powerful in the realm of magic, Deth does have his weaknesses, so R0x0R also acts as Deth's protector and bodyguard, especially in light of the fact that Deth's other "Crony" Big Deth is currently off-line (see below).

Big Deth
Big Deth started out its existence as something of a large suit of armor for Deth when Hipolyta first started coming around. Deth realized Lyta would likely press the fight into the realm of melee combat if Lyta came after him, and that he himself had very little in the way of melee experience to protect himself with. So Deth came up with a design for a large (12 feet tall) "armor" full of magical armaments that would draw it's energies from Deth in a "thaumonuclear reactor" (basically it uses the morphic resonance of an arcanist to drive it). The armor would have a limited amount of spell-like abilities it could use, but it was physically extremely hardy...Deth hoped that he could weaken Lyta with Big Deth, then eject himself and engage her in magical combat.

Of course, Lyta did the unthinkable: She never attacked. Deth had put too much effort into Big Deth to just scrap the machine, so instead, he started crafting the massive construct into something fitting the realm between "metagolem" and "wargolem". He crafted a rudimentary intelligence for Big Deth using advanced techniques and a basic engram of his own personality, and implanted several directives into the big guy's brain to help it understand and interact with the world around it. And for a while, it worked. Big Deth helped Deth with the larger menial tasks (heavy lifting plays a surprisingly common part in arcane research, given that wizards aren't generally very brawny physically), and spent his "off time" hanging out with R0x0R.

Unfortunately, as golems are occasionally wont to do, Big Deth went "berserk" several times in recent months...he apparently was fixating in some sort of...sexual...manner on a nearby water tower. Deth didn't mind having to explain to the locals why his golem servant was fixating amorously on their town water supply, and quietly tried to remedy the problem, but it only got worse. Rather than risk a full-fledged breakdown of it's moral subroutines, Deth shut down Big Deth, and removed it's central softdrive ("Brain"). Deth is currently in the process of trying to figure out what went wrong with Big Deth, and as part of Big Deth's rehabilitation, Deth is also retooling Big Deth's external shape into something he hopes will be more comfortable for the construct.

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Lyinar Ka`Bael
Are you looking at my pine tree again?
posted 04-12-2003 05:54:44 PM
Ja'Deth Issar Ka'bael had this to say about Tron:
I've got a huge list...so to save on time and sanity, I'll just post the ones you guys are likely to see around EC:

Just to put into perspective how big, Deth has a counterpart for almost every character I have

Lyinar Ka`Bael, Piney Fresh Druidess - Luclin

Hello, my mushy friend...
posted 04-12-2003 06:57:26 PM
Winston Churchill had this to say about Optimus Prime:
Changed the tag. If Khyron wants it changed to something more attention grabbing or appropriate than just "stuff", respond and I'll change it again.

Actually, I just figured that since these are my RP characters... and since it's more RP-related than non... I'd use that tag, but hey, whatever floats yer boat

Comrade Snoota
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posted 04-13-2003 05:44:22 AM
Khyron impressed everyone with:
Actually, I just figured that since these are my RP characters... and since it's more RP-related than non... I'd use that tag, but hey, whatever floats yer boat

Drysart put the big smack down on using the Roleplay tag outside of threads that were actually roleplaying. He says it's fine to use for other purposes inside a thread, but it's off limits for the initial post unless it's a roleplaying thread! It was in a sticky thread I'm too lazy to find now.

And don't roleplay France surrendering in a roleplaying thread. It gets your post deleted and used as an example of what not to do.

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