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Topic: Important Finalized Info
posted 11-25-2002 11:51:34 PM
Okay, first off the players that I have accepted so far are as follow:





Alaan (Alaan has not sent in a sheet and he has two days before I no longer accept his sheet. Unless I have it and have over looked it.)

Here is an introduction to the game and an introduction to the starting city as well as a brief history of the world.

The bard strums at his lute a little, testing out a few notes, muttering a soft song to himself before looking to you

I just want to thank you again for letting me tag along with you. It's pretty ironic that we both be heading to Ana'Duril, yes?

He chuckles and rubs his cheeks a little, trying to warm himself up it seems

Well it's a day or two from here so...care to hear a few stories? Hmm?

Oh, you want to know about Ana'Duril? Wet behind the ears are we?

He lets out a laugh which dies away slowly, leaving a smile on his face

Right well, first some old myth and history, it'll help explain some things I'll say about Ana'Duril.

He clears his throat once again and them closes his eyes. When he opens them he seems different, as if he had changed him whole physical and mental mannerisms and features to fit in to a "story-teller" mode

Many believe that there are many worlds. Many places beyond the stars were other people deal with their own set of problems. Taxes, robbery, economic inflation, dragons, and a plethora of unsavory things. The same goes for Ethnaro. Since the begining of time people have thought about why they exsist. The beings that created them usually wonder the same about the people. Regardless, in the begining of time, Ethnaro had only one religion. The Religion of Kinembelradser, the Believer. As the old legends go, the Believer simply was. He...or she was simply exsisiting in nothingness when s/he decided it was time to for chance. With only a simple thought, Ethnaro became a truth; it exsisted. He sculpted a simple world with only simple thought, making massive mountains and valleys, huge bodies of water and deep under-sea trenches. He was and at the same time had yet to be. He could and at the same time he already had. He was the Believer. Now, to this new world a whole bunch of gods and goddess flocked like an all you can eat buffet. Or so the legends say. There are more gods and goddess then would could count in a life time. Well..maybe an elf or gnome could, but that's irrelevant. The more important gods and goddess became major religions and slowly, Kinembelradser drifted away. The Believer was forgotten. Needless to say, s/he became mildly irritated but s/he tends to be level headed so s/he did not feel the urge to unthink all of exsistance. As time went on, wars were fought, races were united or seperated, people became hamlets, became towns, became cities, became capitals, became kingdoms. However, no history would be complete without an end. As it is fabled, the Gods and Goddess are growing power from their believers and some day the "Un-Believer" would rise and gods and goddessess would choose a side to fight for. A battle would ensue that would unmake everything. Colours, places, dreams, love, and yes: people. But that's only legend and myth, yes?

Now then. History. We've got the first races. The Elves and Dwarves were the two real first races. Now, when I say "The First Elf" that means the first family of Elves, Sildradin. You might be so lucky as to Kilna'Dro Sildradin of Silveresti. He's on the "Landügridel", which is the Elvish High Council. It's literal meaning has something to do with Sildradin. Anyhow, so the First Elf, Sildradin is going about and all and he stumbles across an intricate system of tunnels and follows them all the way to The First Dwarf, Rosil. So Sildradin and Rosil become allies, working together. Now, as it goes, Feralusal made the Elves. She's the Goddess of Life and all that good stuff. The Dwarves were made by Ehlogard, God of War and so on. Well, I sorta jumped ahead. See, there were Elves and Dwarves. Many infact, just, Feralusal made Sildradin first and Ehlogard made Rosil first. Get it? From mud and rocks and trees and water and berries and braziers and so forth. Well, one day, no one really knows why, Sildradin and Rosil became enemies and so, since that day, the Sildradin Family and Clan Rosil have been at war. Gruesome, really. Anyhow, history sorta goes blank around that time. Then we started recording history. That was The First Age. Age of then Begining. Gnomes established themselves as superior thinking race in natural elements as they designed one of the first ranged weapons, the rock. Around that time, a halfling known as Bigrin The Blind established himself as the world's greatest theif. A human named Unsavory Saltrin became the first person to sail acround the continent. Many have tried to sail to find new lands but many hold the belief the world is flat. Most sailors are not heard from again and those that are turned around when they became afraid. I'm afraid this history lesson has become a lesson is just more a less pop culture. You know, pop culture? It's when a bunch of people think someone or something is the dogs bollocks and decide to talk about it forever. Bloody idiots. Anyhow, Clan Rosil broke away from the Dwarven Union as the Dwarves no longer wanted to war with the Elves, and the Elvish Council shared their feelings, where as the Sildradin Family did not want to. These families are still are war, taking up a greater part of the southern part of Phiomin (OOC: This continent). Now, time has passed alot. Gnomes have advanced our ways of life alot. We use steam more often then not in the larger cities but don't get me wrong, the Fine Arts of Arcanis still exsist in heavy force. Arcanis. Arcane things. MAGIC. Okay, get it now? Good. And many towns still don't use steam powered things for a variety of reasons. Well, that's all I can really tell you about World History.

As for Ana'Duril...

His face, which had seemed rather happy now becomes deadly serious

You will never find a greater hive of scum and villany.

He shrugs a bit and goes back to his small smile

Actually, that's a lie but makes for a good opening yea?

Anyhow, Ana'Duril was once heavily inhabited by Elves who later, as a sign of friendship, gave it to the humans, who as a sign of thanks, propmtly built a bunch of ratty buildings and a few whore houses.

Ana'Duril is actually split in twain by the Ana'Duril river, or lovingly refered to as the "Eoeoaie" River, aptly nick-named by King Mathias the First because it was the cry he let out as he accidently tripped and fell in, thus ending his reign. Well, his death ended his reign but the river helped with that. The bridge itself takes several days to cross. I believe it was three. In the middle is a small forest known as "Sulingelmedel" which is Elvish for either, literally translated "Of These Woods Which Crossed Bring Fortune" or "Mothers of Which You Spawn Are Fished Eyed". I forget which is the real translation. Anyhow. Ana is the to the West of the river and Duril is to the right. Ana is for the lesser people but it's where you find the most fun. People have great fun in Ana. Great stores, great people, and an assortment of amazing things to see. Like the Chessboard. Originally built for King Thrantos III, he had love of battle and chess. Planning out attacks in both. A huge chess board was built after defeating an army of Undead...the bad kind of Undead anyhow. To this day, nobility play chess against each other as well as host combat and archer tournaments and the like. In Ana is also where the Academy is. One of the finest places ever. It's a boarding school to which all the rich young children go to become wizards and wizard...esses..es..female wizards. They own quite a bit of the city. In Ana, they own about 10% of the city, many of the surrounding houses to the Academy. Also, several stores. The greatest thing in Ana is possibly the Hall of Guilds. In here is a guild for everything and anything. A Guild of Elves, basically Elves who wish to keep a small hold in their old home, A Guild of Gnomish Inventors, who invent things. Most recently, a young man has become quite a hit, delivering tea to people across the city with a small cart. He himself is a Priest of Steven, the God of Tea. You can spot him as he travels around with a cart that has on its side "Good Humours" and in smaller text "Courtesy of the Church of Steven." Nice lad too, I've met him before. Anyhow, the House of Guilds holds the most important Guild. The Adventurer's Guild. If you become an Adventurer, you more a less need to sign up. They hand out adventures, give discounts. In the surroudning area anyhow. I mean, I am not one to tell you how to adventure but, if you intend on being around Ana'Duril a bit, join 'em. Also, I've heard the door to the Guild of Thieves is actually just a broom closet. No idea if it's true. I've just heard it. Oh, Ana also has a Hall of Truth. It's got history books and an assortment of texts and parchments and papers on people all throughout recorded history. Good for bookworms.

Now, lastly, Duril. Duril is the high class part of the city, but that just also means it's got more smut and more people willing to kill for a copper. A few casinos are around here. Many hotels, all high classed and some borday houses. All the major religions have their churches here as well. Yes, yours too. Also, warriors who want to help protect the city can join the The School For Violently Moral Young Men. It's a training place for people who want to join the Ana'Duril Army. Also, you can join the House of Lahung. Do not confuse it with the Church. The House of Lahung is comprised of warriors and the like who want to defend the city, from those inside the city. Guards, basicall, but for the people, not for the king. Well..they are but...you get the general idea. Speaking of which, the King's Castle is in Duril and a fine piece of land it is. Pointy towers, pointy fences, and I am sure an assortment of pointy things lay about inside. It's very nice to look at and the fable Castle Gardens rival even some Elvish gardens. This might be due to the Elvish gardeners at the castle.

The bard lets out a sigh and slaps his knees. With a small yawn, he nods a bit to you

Well...I've spoke of all I can really think of. We've got a day or two of travel so if I can think of anything, I'll tell you. For now, just get some rest.


Okay, now, one final thing.


I needa know what is good. This is what is good for me.

Saturday 1PM-11PM

I could also do

Sunday 1PM-10PM.

I would like my sessions to be 3-4 hours.


Vise the Stompy
Title now 100% ass free!
posted 11-26-2002 12:07:44 AM
My eyes! The text it burns!!
posted 11-26-2002 12:11:55 AM
Yes, I wrote alot, but I prefer a detailed game to this:

"Okay, in this world elves are awesome. And dwarves have gattling guns. i'ts awesome! rofl! You all start at lvl 20 and have 20 in all stats and +20 swords. Sweet. And halflings are gay. rofl!!!112"


posted 11-26-2002 12:27:26 AM
Either time is alright for me, I just need to know which one.
Dad's going to kill you. Really. He is.
posted 11-26-2002 12:30:00 AM
So far, Saturday is looking good as a usual time to play. If worse comes to worse, and a player can't come, then I'll do my best to edit the time but I can only do so much. One one great fear is Za'Yth and Addy.


I don't give a damn.
posted 11-26-2002 05:01:48 AM
This Saturday is no worky due to my D&D game being scheudeled then.

Sunday, starting somewhere between 1-4 PM would be best for me. Don't think it works for Addy though.

posted 11-26-2002 07:43:48 AM
ACES! Another post by Zaza:
This Saturday is no worky due to my D&D game being scheudeled then.

Oh yeah, Teehee.
Forgot about that.

Dad's going to kill you. Really. He is.
posted 11-26-2002 08:14:28 AM
Sunday 1-4 works for me.

/smack Za.

posted 11-26-2002 10:29:42 PM
Alaan and Za'yth. I need those need those sheets. Immediatly.


Cold in an Alley
posted 11-26-2002 11:25:21 PM
If you end up running Sundays 1-4 EST, then I can sit in sometimes and watch. That's good, because if I'm home on Sundays it means I'm doing laundry, which means I'm very bored, and there's nothing interesting on television during that time.
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