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Topic: Editorial Guidelines
posted 05-03-2003 03:32:12 PM
Keep three things in mind when posting an article:

  • Pick the correct topic icon. The icon you choose also affects which icon shows up on the main page, and the category the article will be sorted under for main page filtering. If no topic icon applies, talk to me before posting and I might make an appropriate icon for it.
  • Be sure to come up with a good title.
  • [b]Use the [BREAK=text] and [DISCUSS=text] UBB tags. The BREAK tag marks where the article will be truncated when it's displayed on the front page (one or two paragraphs before the BREAK is good). The DISCUSS tag links to the thread in Propaganda for the article. In general, you should always have a DISCUSS tag, but you only need a BREAK tag when the article is long enough to need it (which should be almost always).

If you have images you want to include in your article, send them to me and I'll stick them up on the EC server and give you the URLs to them.

If you're working on an article, you might want to post a brief description of what you're working on in this forum, so everyone else knows and nobody else starts working on the same thing.

If you want advice on an article, feel free to post it here for comments.

If you have any sort of questions, comments, ideas, etc. etc. feel free to post it here.

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