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Topic: Finder of Lost Things
Cold in an Alley
posted 12-30-2001 10:22:14 PM
It occurred to me that some of the threads people want to read may be rather hard to find. Some are on the main Evercrest board, and disappear in a matter of days (or even hours). Others were so long ago that they've fallen off the day counter. This is a problem I've decided to correct.

Below are a list of D&D threads that aren't readily visible. It will allow people to look back and see the events for which this board has lived its life... at least those with any shred of material still around.

Hollow Omen: Maiden of Pain's main website.
Character Creation: Rules & Requirements
Call for Adventurers! Recruiting for the new campaign.
Game Announcement: where, when, and why, plus instructions for the dicebot
The Repository: Important information to know!
Campaign Summary: Replacing the repository.
Character Sheets in a standard, organized format.
More character sheets updated for level 10/11 characters.
Wheel of Time d20 PbP? Polling for interest.
Character creation thread for Wheel of Time: Prophecies of the Dragon
Wheel of Time Chapter 1: What Follows in Shadow
Aeron: The Longest Night - materials for a homebrew D&D campaign world.

Ford Prefect / Murdoc
Website for my Times of Trial campaign
Initial request for characters, along with submission rules.
Character submissions page
Annual Recruitment Post
Chapter 1: In Soranil's Wake
Chapter 2: Elven Roads
Chapter 3: Destindeterre
Change of Venue, announcement of the new campaign.
Year of the Landing, website for the chat campaign.
Game schedule for Year of the Landing
Time to Reinforce the Ranks! It had to happen sooner or later.

Expression of Interest Thread: Polling for players to join a messageboard-based neolithic/bronze-age D&D campaign.

D&D Campaign... Test to Destruction: Munchkin testing of the new campaign races.

Hireko / Tokah
Recovered Pages from the old forum. Thank Drysart for digging these up. I've modified them so they aren't quite as hideous to look at.
Last thread of Hireko's campaign, though the first several pages are missing.
Offshoot of Hireko's campaign, run by Hotarul. It is also missing the first several pages.
Want to run a AD&D game if anyone here still plays: Polling interest in a chat-based 2nd Edition Enhanced game.
Fangclan Forums for Tokah's games and several others.

I'm starting a D&D Campaign, so it's time to recruit.
History of the world, part one.
Hey guys guess what! - recruiting

Bajah's Campaign: "Welcome to Limbo"

Ozius / Cthulhu
Imagine if you will... This is the initial introduction to Cthulhu's campaign.
Pre-game update topics: Concerning those interested... and Finally: I am ready...
D&D Game Starting, an announcement of the first session.
Oh...fuck no: Encounter with the DM's cousin, and early termination of the game.
The A to the D to the D - Campaign: Starting Over
...you might look here...; Providing some details for those interested in playing.
Important Finalized Info: Who's in, and things they need to know
World of Darkness (a WhiteWolf campaign): Times are Changing

Announcement of Falaanla's intent to run a D&D game
Player recruiting here on the D&D boards
Potential D&D Campaign; a second shot at player gathering...
Okay, this time it's for real. Time to gather submissions.
Checking for interest: Warcraft D20 Message board game

Mara D&D Game!

Adventure! The initial campaign announcement.

Vise the Stompy
Spiffy,Awsome, Ultra DnD Goodness!!! Vise excitedly announces his plans to run a D&D game with EC members.

Parcelan's IRC campaign
Parcelan's Tournament, a collection of related (sequencial) threads on the Evercrest main board.
Building a Better Ranger, an ongoing project. Refer also to: Part 2.
D&D Game: recruiting for an evil party

Faelynn / Faeth
GRIP gaming environment: GM and player components.
Dream Media Ltd., Faeth's website, and home of the campaign.
Character Art: First and second threads.
Original game links: Humble Beginnings, Getting It Together, After the First Session, and The Early Logs
Faelynn's Campaign, returning from hiatus.
Aleria: Dark Tides, the Players includes a recap of character discoveries, along with descriptions of the major NPCs.
Make your own legend, a request for EC board members to submit their own ideas for NPC characters.
Heroes & Legends of Aleria
Alleria: Bestiary

Player's Handbook on Amazon.com, with previews of the first 27 pages (everything through "Races").
Character Generator, free for download.
System Reference Document for the core ruleset.
Real life AD&D stats thread. This link is as much for the thread's conversation as for its topic link.
Favorite D&D characters; a discussion.
The Grandfather of All Character Questionaires, a must have for sadistic GM's.
Deck of Many Things, with Pvednes as the house dealer.
The Godawful RP Thread; worst roleplaying experiences.
More inane questions! Tips for amateur Dungeon Masters.
UBB Tag: Roll
Good-aligned deities, a discussion.
GMing Question on pantheons and deities.
Question for D&D DM's about mercenary players in a campaign setting.
D&D Dice Bot for IRC, built by Za`Yth
3.5 Edition general updates and monster manual errata.
Sashu seeks advice for a new GM.
101 fun ways to annoy your GM
DnD DMs and Players, roleplaying for beginners.
Eberron; a summary of the campaign setting.
D&D alignment question: Lawful? Perspectives on law and chaos, and how they relate to the nine D&D alignments.
Making a character; Lawful Evil, and other miscellany.
Weekend of Fun! Redmage's first game of D&D
Fellow DnD DMs... discussion on magic rewards, campaign settings, and house rules
DnD Rules Question (or two): a discussion of unusual character races
D&D Item Question; magic crafting, unusual races, and roleplay vs rollplay
System Reference Document in website form
House Rules - a discussion of game customizations and preferences
DnD Stuff: Redmage's statement of intent for his RL D&D group leads to a discussion of hack-n-slash gaming, and the mechanics of rogue sneak attacks.

More as I find them.

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I found a lost thing.
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posted 10-30-2009 12:41:40 AM
i posted in this thread
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Look at that green.
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