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Topic: Bajah's Dice of Fantasy!
posted 02-19-2007 02:16:04 PM

Every player starts at Level 1 with 10 gold coins. At the start of the game (or when they join), they will roll on two tables. First they roll on Table One to determine their race. Then they roll on Table Two to determine their class.

Each day (or round), each player rolls on the Adventure Chart (1d35), Table Three, and faces the challenges according to their roll. As characters increase in level, so too will the monsters they face and the traps they must try to avoid. There are currently Adventure Tables for characters of levels 1 through 10, 11 through 20, and 21 through 30. Depending on the length of the game, all tables can be used or just some of them.


Each adventurer may carry only 3 weapons (including Wands) and 6 items (including armor and shields) at any given time (unless the player is a Dwarf). If the player goes over this limit, they must immediately choose something to drop, up to and including the new items received.

Weapons, Armor, and Shields ALL add their bonuses to your attack roll. For instance, if you have a +2 sword, a +1 shield, and +3 armor, you’ll have a +6 to your attack roll! Dual Wielding classes can add two weapons to their bonus and Berserkers get a bonus from two-handed weapons, but all classes are limited to one shield and one suit of armor. In the cases where a character is carrying more than one shield or more than one suit of armor, they must identify which is worn and which is being hauled around to sell or sacrifice.


For combat, it's a simple matter of who has the higher Attack Roll. For example, Player 1 is an Elf Berserker with a +2 two-handed sword. He is facing an Orc (Attack Roll 12). The elf berserker gets a +2 to his Attack Roll for his two-handed sword due to his class ability. This puts him at a +4 to his roll versus the Cyclops at a 12. Finalizing the math problem, Player 1 also gets to add his level to the roll. Player 1 would need to roll an 8 or better to win this combat.

The formula for a combat roll is as follows: [1d20 Attack Roll] + Player Level + Total Bonus from Equipped Gear

Things to note at this point: Ties go to the monster. If a player fights a monster and loses, the player suffers whatever negative effect the monster has. Once combat is lost, the player may either move on to another room on the next day OR they may choose to forfeit their move roll for another attempt at killing the monster.

Player 1 can also put to use any 'Single Use' items he has after the roll is declared in order to put him over the required number. Single Use Items can be used at pretty much any time the owner wishes to use them, including using them on other players in range if they wish. If a player has an item that increases Attack Roll, he can even use it on the monster another player is fighting (if in range) to try and make them lose!

Although two players in the same room fight the same monster, they cannot help each other (they each get their own copy, like an instance!). The exception to this rule is Single Use Items, as mentioned above. If a player uses a Single Use Item that helps another player overcome a monster, then that player will gain a duplicate of the gold awarded (but not the level or the treasure, ie if the monster awards 10 gold upon death, both players would gain 10 gold). If the other player would have won the fight anyway, this effect does not occur.

Winning a combat against a monster will yield a gain of one level in addition to whatever treasure the monster drops. You’ll always face monsters geared towards your level groups, rolling on a Table appropriate to your current level. Each Monster will have a pre-assigned Attack Roll (which can be modified in combat by Single Use Items, etc) and a certain amount of Treasure they drop. The Treasure will be rolled on matching Tables.

Losing a combat is always going to cost you a level in addition to any other effects the monster has, as dictated by the tables. Also, note that some monsters have special conditions when you fight them. Pay attention, it could save your life!


There is no death. If you’re at level 1 and you ‘Lose a Level’ or are otherwise reduced to 0 or lower, you’re instead back at level 1. At present, there is no penalty for being sent back to level 1. In the future, there may be a penalty for effectively dying, such as losing gear or gold, but at the moment, it’s as if you just had a headache.

Winning the Season

The winner of each season will simply be the person who is the highest level. The winner of each season will start the following season with a bonus to their character, along with bragging rights. In the event that the same character wins multiple seasons in a row, more bonuses could be heaped on. However, if a character wins a season, then loses the next, they lose the bonus as well (or a bonus, if they have more than one).

Each Day will have its own thread, so do not post any starting Adventure Rolls yet. In each DAY THREAD, the proper posting format should be like some form of the following:

Name: Sample
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
GP: 10
WEAPONS: None (Equipped)
ARMOR: None (Equipped)
ITEMS: None (Unequipped)
STATUS: Healthy
MOVEMENT ROLL: [.roll]1d35[./roll] +/- #
ATTACK ROLL: [.roll]1d20[./roll] +/- # (total bonuses from equipped) + Level

Remember, you can choose to use your Single Use Items AFTER you've made your attack roll.

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posted 03-05-2007 04:17:56 PM
The Merchant!

Any player may give up a turn to go visit the Merchant. However, there is one exception. If the player just lost a battle or hit a trap, they cannot go visit the merchant. They will have to wait until they have hit a positive event or defeated a monster before they can take advantage of visiting the Merchant.

Welcome to Mad Kagrama's Shop of Wonders! While he is quite difficult to understand, you learn that he will buy any items you no longer wish to carry. He will purchase any item for 10 gold per bonus it has (ie, 10 gold for a +1, 20 gold for a +2, etc). He will pay 20 gold for Single Use Items.

HE SI ALLSO SAELLING STFFU!!11 You can purchase the following items from Mad Kagrama.

+1 Sword - Main Hand Only (20g), Either Hand (30g)
+1 Hammer - Main Hand Only (20g), Either Hand (30g)
+1 Axe - Main Hand Only (20g), Either Hand (30g)
+1 Dagger - Main Hand Only (20g), Either Hand (30g)
+1 Wand - Main Hand Only (20g), Either Hand (30g)
+1 Armor - 25g
+1 Shield - 25g
+2 Two-Handed Sword - 30g
+2 Two-Handed Axe - 30g
+2 Two-Handed Hammer - 30g
+1 Longbow - 20g
+1 Sling - 20g

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