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Topic: Maiden of Pain: The Repository
Cookie Goddess!
posted 02-06-2004 02:17:00 PM
Taklinn Boulderfist, Male Dwarven Fighter.
Salkin Blackbrook, Hale Half-Elven Sorcerer.
Rolin Waterrush, Male Halfling Rogue/Thief(Acrobat).
Charra Teles, Female Human Cleric.
Akar, Male Tiefling Monk/Drunken Master.
Xergen, Female Sun Elf Wizard.

People Encountered (NPCs, Allies, Villians):
Captain Reth, Captain of the ship, Swiftwind.
Mansour, Thief and Thug of Telflamm, Member of the Shadowmasters(?).
Tilly Miller, Innkeeper and Bartender of 'The Badger and the Mushroom', an Inn in Telflamm.
Shevarra Dyineva, Witch of Rasheman in Training, Apprentice to Lady Valeska of Rasheman.
Gregor Minok, Wealthy Merchant and Knowledgable Sage of Telflamm.
Lady Valeska, Witch of Rasheman.

Information Gathered (Scrolls, Notes, Maps, etc):
Untranslated Prophecy of the Chosen.
Translated Prophecy of the Chosen.
Map of Thesk and Surrounding Areas.

Treasures Uncovered:
Coming Soon...

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